I like the message of the song. I just don’t like the song.

I seem to be more critically analyzing songs like this if whether they actually want to spread the message they want or if they are just trying to take advantage of a movement. In context this same week a Pepsi Ad starring Kendall Jenner aired this week and caused controversy. Many people accused the corporate ad makers for trying to take advantage of the popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement to sell coke. This was happening while I was listening to this song. I wonder if TI is too rich or outside of the movement to be able to write about this subject or if he wanted to write it himself. The little I know of him is that he is a very mainstream rapper who was been to jail. I don’t know anything about Skyler Grey other than she sounds like a lot of other singers nowadays

It’s weird to me that TI says “The F*ck you know about being a black man in america” but the chorus is sung by a white woman. The Chorus in question is very striking. Playing on the phrase “land of the free” following it with “Free just to murder me”

But I also understand that he’s trying to make a song to capture the feelings of young black men fearing police brutality. I believe it was 2014 where those controversial shootings were at the height. If this song is trying to put the listener into their shoes then I can at least commend that. Overall, it’s an ok pop song, but just a little bit forgetful.