This is the last song we cover that deals the racial tensions and police shootings of 2014. It is definitely the most aggressive one but in this case it’s a good thing. The song acts a call for action. I believe that these rappers are talking sincerely because of the tone of the song and the lyrical content. The rappers always make sure to name the victims of the murders and claims that everyone is harmed under this system.

The chorus is especially impacting. It features a singer and a child chorus. It really makes you realize that the people being targeted are often young boys who were just coming out of childhood. The children singing murder makes me sad that they are alive to see such a period of police brutality and racial tensions. However thats what the song wanted. It wants you be angry and uncomfortable for the situation even if you aren’t directly involved in it.

It’s an aggressive song yes, but it calls for peace and mercy. It’s a song that acknowledges that a lot of people won’t be able to relate but “to do nothing is genocide” the act of sitting on the sidelines is just as bad as shooting someone. “Time to take a stand like we ALL got shot”

After thinking long and hard about it, where TI came off slightly heavy handed this kind of song came very welcome and perfectly representative. I think thats mainly due to who they are and the overall tone of the song. It’s a perfect combination of the last two songs in order to perfectly fuel a movement. I ended up liking the song.