Well, that was a strange music video. I never realized that I wanted to see soldiers dance with gorillas while being lead by a man with a rainbow buffalo skin hat until today. And it certainly suited this funky ascension into a world without hatred and war.

Jamiroquai’s final single from his sixth studio album Dynamite is a direct reference to John Lennon’s song of a similar name: Give Peace a Chance. It asks questions in a vein similar to the Black Eyed Pea’s “Where is the Love”? such as “Why can’t we live together despite our differences?” and “Why do we focus so much on race when it’s just the color of our skin?” while still managing to stay funky and vibrant (much like the colorful music video it is a companion to that features singing and dancing gorillas).

The song also decries the hateful actions that people participate in when they gave hate a chance, like discrimination and war, telling the listener: There’s a cold strike living inside us. There’s no rainbows, just bullets and bombs. He even addresses hate itself, accusing it of robbing everyone of their dignity and their lives, and it’s a message that I think most everyone can get behind. We really shouldn’t give hate a chance, and we should have the decency to see that rainbows and dancing gorillas are preferable to bullets, bombs, and hate.

I haven’t heard this song till now and I like it a lot. It’s certainly my kind of music. It reminds me of one of my favorite bands the Gorillaz. However, it shares some of the naive sentiments as the previous song as well.