This song if not for lyrical content, could have passed as background music for me. It was mellow and not grasping for attention. But listening to the lyrics I began to see why it was worthy of this list.

The song is pleasant to listen to because of the repetition and the basic music structure and the simplistic rhythm with the few instruments he utilizes. This song harkens back to a time in which discriminated black people had leaders to turn to. The obvious example in this case is Martin Luther King Jr. Nevertheless, Mr. Harper would definitely like the assistance of Martin Luther in the face of a new wave of racially motivated persecution. It all started with the unwarranted beating of a cab driver named Rodney King by the LAPD in 1991 whilst they were being filmed unbeknownst to them (which started the infamous L.A. Riots), and progressed from there to the tune of NWA’s “Fuck Da Police.” Harper is under the impression that had Martin Luther King not been assassinated, he could have provided some guidance and brevity for everyone in LA. In fact, he goes so far as to compare the event to the old Jim Crow days of lynch mobbing and whatnot. Would Martin Luther King Jr.’s presence have prevented the escalation of this horrible event? Would Rodney King not have been beaten by racist police were he still alive?

Overall I actually started to like the song after a few listens and it reminded me of other songs that we covered earlier in the semester.