In a vein similar to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Negro Wit An Ego,” En Vogue would like to inform you that they are a band of independent ladies of color with particular tastes that don’t necessarily define them as stereotypes would lead you to believe.

The songs are almost identical in lyrical composition and message, but I have to give this one to En Vogue, as their song is far more spirited and animated while also being more catchy. I actually feel as though En Vogue doesn’t care about what society thinks of them, and that they are actually women who want to overcome the stereotypes assigned to their gender and race. And how exactly can we achieve this? Well, apparently, it’s as simple as freeing your mind. Here’s how En Vogue recommends you do this:”Free your mind, and the rest will follow/Be color blind, don’t be so shallow.”

The song itself sounds was confusing in terms of genre. I wasn’t sure if this is just r&b or hip hop or rock. It’s a song that clearly doesn’t care about what you think of it but wants you to open your mind about the issues it talks about. I think it works in favor of the song and has a very empowering message. I wish I knew about En Vogue because I actually have never heard of them until now but their songs I have. I think this song has been sampled a couple times by other artists as well and I am glad to now know the source.