I’m really dreading potentially talking about this song in class after the discussions about NWA’s song. So while I didn’t have as strong a reaction to that song I fully loathe this song for two reasons. First: it’s a terrible song that doesn’t even strive to say ANYTHING of substance that I would argue at least Fuck The Police does. Two: Its existence is to exploit the shock value to a point that I think it offends the VICTIMS of police brutality. No one is gonna take this song seriously and it only serves to anger the police. I don’t believe this band actually cares about black people being killed or hurt by police brutality, the genuineness just isn’t there.

I also don’t believe they hate the police like that. These are just empty words to me that I feel are only trying to get a reaction. I think this is the song that people should be mad at rather than Fuck The Police. I also was disgusted to find out that the album for this song was removed from the shelves of a retail store in Greensboro, North Carolina after local police had told the management that they would no longer respond to any emergency calls at the store if they continued to sell the album. That’s also awful but so is this song and why did we have to listen to this. WHY?

Okay aside from that I guess I liked the guitar? I like heavy metal in general so the instruments used in this would be nice to listen to sans lyrics. I hope to never hear this song again and I’m sad that it’s even associated with  NWA’s Fuck The Police because it does it all a disservice.