I think I liked this song but the message wasn’t as strong here as it would be in other song for me. Nevertheless, they made a good effort at the very least with their song “Negro Wit An Ego.”

This upbeat and triumphant tune urges you to put some faith in your race whilst telling the listener why the culinary duo of Salt and Pepa are so proud to be a part of that race. It seems that not everyone is willing to put faith in that race, however, as just with Ice Cube in “Fuk Da Police” it seems that Salt-N-Pepa are the victims of racial profiling and stereotypes as well. Their grievances were very similar if you are to compare them when police assume they got their sweet ride from selling drugs. However they also address the difficulties regarding their gender, stating that the world seems to see it and their race as a problem that needs to be corrected. This kind of intersectionality we have only really covered back from selections from the 1920s. It’s refreshing to see women and race issues be talked about instead of only race.

However I see why this was probably one of their less popular songs. Its subversive enough to alienate white people yet tame enough to not be as powerful as Fuck the Police. I still really like Salt N Pepa mainly due to nostalgia but also I like this song and I’m glad I got to hear it for the first time.