I remember being younger and being very confused whether or not the black community liked Michael Jackson. I understood that some people thought he bleached his skin or that he failed to promote their issues and others regarded him as a proud leader in the community. I am still not sure where most people stand on him but this is what I was thinking when I first listened to Black or White.

The message that he conveys is: it don’t matter if you’re black or white. What does seem to matter, however, is equality, and this song is a catchy reminder that maybe we could achieve racial equality if we could just disregard the color of each other’s skin, and focus more on culture and love from around the world. I watched the music video and while he doesn’t seem to focus on his own blackness he focuses on people from all over the world. I think that was smarter as it brought focus away from the controversies of his own skin color and focused on more central message that was to unite everyone. A good attempt, however some of the stereotypes in the video hurt the message a bit…

I liked the song but Michael Jackson remains a mystery to me. I can’t seem to figure out his personality and music and his controversies or the things he would do or say. If I was to try to forget who was singing the song however, I could see this song being very impacting.