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We had listened to this song first in class so I already had some context listening to it again.  I knew that it was about Little Rock Nine going into Little Rock High school. The song also has a strong message about perseverance and strength even if the world unjustifyingly treats them poorly. The patriarch of the group and the main composer Roebuck Staples had written the song after hearing about the controversial even in Alabama. I think this song is a good way to gauge just how important the Little Rock Nine were to shape the Civil Rights Movement as more injustices would become evident to a larger population. Martin Luther King would even call it one of his favorite songs of the movement.

I really liked the vocals and the soul music. I’ve been noticing the use of a lot more horns and layering tapering instruments like the keys and the bass. It reminds me almost of psychedelic music even though i know we aren’t close yet to that era. I also enjoy the composition of this song but the tone is slightly confusing to me. I know that its supposed to also condone perseverance yet the question in the title makes it confusing. That being said, I like the song a lot but I wish it could be more impacting to me, especially as it was following up A Change Is Gonna Come on my list. I still recognize it as an important song to listen to as the subject matter is very significant.