Looking back on Why am I Treated so Bad? I now realize what I was trying to describe with a little psychedelic but still soul. I just didn’t know the word for it.  I was talking about FUNK and this is the first truly funk song I’m tackling in this assignment. Not only that, this is the first song that I cover that is associated with the Black Power Movement which I am admittedly still only learning about recently. I think its mainly because early education tended to stay away from that movement and focus only on the 1950s and 1960s. Even I as a non-american was surprised to find that actually a lot of americans also don’t know a lot about it but lately it’s coming back into conversation being framed as either a negative or positive movement.

I did somewhat compare this song to Black, Brown, White as its opposite. Big Bill Broonzy used the self deprecation to make a point on the mistreatment in society, whereas James Brown in this song rejects and notion that he should be ashamed and that anyone should be offended by it. It’s a much more aggressive and impacting song if you compare it that way but in reality it’s strange that being proud of your race would be a controversial statement and I realized that it was strange that this is the first song after the start of the Civil Rights Movement that puts the focus of race rather than equality. I like the call and response chorus and the percussion and horns that accentuate the asymmetrical beats. It’s a song that truly isn’t afraid to be different or against the grain and considering the message of the lyrics and I think it works for the song’s favor.