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I was surprised to hear such a song that screamed so much Jazz when it was supposedly written in 1964. That being said I had trouble trying to understand the song that Nina had written. I could tell it was still as political as Mississippi Goddam but that the message is focused instead specifically on the Jim Crow laws. I specifically like how she has personified Jim Crow as person but not what Jim Crow originally was but rather he represents the effects that the laws created.

Comparatively this song I feel is much less complex that then other and was made to be more resonant with the average anti-segregationist. The song sounds more hopeful that as a community we can work together to eliminate the jim crow laws and it also doesn’t directly attack white people rather just the personified laws. So between the two I could understand why this one would resonate more than Mississippi Goddam.

The song definitely feels more hopeful and the Jazz and piano ensemble that plays with Nina have a catchier vibe. The lyrics also seem to have a more a connection to the community standing together against the law. The song doesn’t promote violence to this even though I know Nina Simone was not shy to promote violence so I think that was also a point in favor of Old Jim Crow.

I liked this song a lot even though I am not biggest fan of smoother jazz but the difference is that the political message helped breathe life into an otherwise run-of-the-mill jazz piece.