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This is the second time I’m listening to Lead Belly and this time he is much more stripped down. “Nobody in this World is Better Than Us” is a studio session of a strophic song that Lead Belly sings without any instruments.

This song sounds like he is addressing more personal grievances compared to Scottsboro Boys and I felt like it was more poignant because of it. This song felt like a more simple plea for the world and I found this song much more profound coming from a man like Lead Belly. The song basically asks for equal rights for black people who have fought for their country and that God made us all equal.

It is a simple song but I feel that as a song it works to its favor here. It makes Lead Belly feel more vulnerable and earnest. It brings the message down to a profound human level. I can almost imagine him singing this with a choir of children (maybe excluding the line: six feet of dead makes us all one size). My favorite part is at the beginning is when asks the studio if its still recording and when they say yes he asks if he can sing something. It makes me feel like Lead Belly loves to perform and when he can he wants to spread the message of equal rights because that is something he is deeply passionate about.