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This cover is relatively new and this performance has a beat that comparatively could be mistaken for upbeat. After listening it closely I can tell that this is still a cover that makes sure the somber nature of the original slave song still makes a soulful and spiritual impact to the listener. Stone uses a drum set, a bass guitar, a keyboard and maybe another guitar as well as her own vocals to give the soul song an almost funk beat.

I can tell by the lyrics that the song is alluding to phrases in the bible. This is also the first song that I’ve listened to in this series that makes a reference to religion. I remember learning that religion was deeply impacting element in slave life and that slave masters even used the bible to keep slaves subordinate. However towards the start of the civil war a new understanding to the bible emphasized freedom and equality for all men which them religiously motivated black slaves to look for freedom. Wade in the water can also be a way to try to teach slaves to avoid capture by hiding in the waters when running away. In a modern context I can imagine this song influencing the civil rights movements by encouraging those pursuing freedom to practice patience but to trust god that their voice will be heard if they persevere.

I think this will not be the last time I will encounter religious subtext in the lyrics of a song as religion was a very important part in the civil rights movement as well. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this song.