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Despite the subject matter, I could help smiling to this infectious song. I think this song is similar in style and execution as  Scottsboro Boys in that they both are trying to talk about race relations and singing catchy almost upbeat songs to them. However I think Big Bill Broonzy does a better job at conveying a subversive message.

Big Bill Broonzy performed this song with only a guitar and I think a tambourine can be heard in the background but I am not sure about this. His song talks about the mistreatment of war vets after serving in the war if they were black. He almost playfully uses the color gradients to make his point. He ends the song on the point that the jim crow laws need to be gotten rid of if this injustice will end.

What surprised me on further research was that this song would later be used as song sung by anti-colored organizations in the future and to me that showed me the consequences of having such a sarcastic song and not being as direct as the other songs. I think as I whole I still really enjoyed the song. It’s a simple song that illustrates his frustrations but doesn’t step into morbid territory.